Sarajevo was liberated in April of 1945. A month or two later they came for Opapa to take him to a camp, from which he, like all his compatriots,… More

The Illiterate Man

My first years were spent behind the shutters, in a room without engravings, in an archaeological silence a thousand years in the making... More

Flower Sedan

Of course, Mother assumed I was a virgin. She insisted I ride the flower sedan, that I was not to miss out on a prerogative so cherished. More


do ghosts remember? which ones do? which / ones don’t? and if they do, which organ // might they use? More

Dark Love

The car is heated by the afternoon sun, and I, pervaded through and through by a pain known as love, I don’t know it because I’m twelve, and so… More

Juana I

What I need is a mouth. / I need a mouth the enamel of teeth your saliva. / Blood stops flowing to your lips. / I kiss the air,… More


Basar Mal cannot remember when Mangan’s ma had acquired this penchant for washing everything. Cannot recollect when she had started feeling insecure about water. Cannot also recollect the last… More