The PEN Ten with A Yi

"Although writers are like any other people, they are a small being in the real world, and can easily be manipulated or used, but they should always have the… More

The PEN Ten with Etgar Keret

"I think that great stories are inherently much smarter than the people who wrote them, because they are not about inventing something but rather about uniquely exposing something that… More

The Houselights

because each entry in the lexicon / is a live wire whose root is charged by a / holy fire, as / when a canon shot in a play… More


There is yeast in the air as well / as sadness / I’ll lick the tears from / wherever they land / I just love / to get dressed… More


Having felt the world tremble / And having known // Ruth / In alien corn, / Exposed and at the mercy / Of masters— // Having seen / And… More