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The Banning of Sandpiper

I can write a letter or two and send off copies of the book to interested parties, but, as the arguments rage, I’m here in my office working on… More

Tristano Dies

You know, all told, life’s more what you don’t remember than what you do…Frau popped her head in, not one ripple now, she told me, to show you swam… More

On Translating Antonio Tabbuchi

The book is a pastiche of literary, philosophical, and pop-culture references, all made by a dying man who is at times lucid, at times hallucinating. It’s a thrilling book… More

Three Poems by Mary Hickman

In the photos, he’s sixteen. His horse stands with loose reins by an alpine lake. The water looks less like water than sky, and even in the heat of… More

On Translating Li Shangyin

To read Li Shangyin’s poetry is to be beautifully disoriented. It is to encounter a unique lyricism comprised of layer upon layer of mythological, historical, and symbolist imagery all… More

Beauty is a Wound

[U]pon her departure, the nineteen other girls followed her into her room, gathered on top of her bed, and resumed their conversation about how to amputate a Japanese soldier’s… More