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Dawn, Third Shift

so much carnage, joy en bloc / you were struck by scalding water // light without warmth // comfort without pleasure / heaven poured gasoline over // what does… More

Gun Dealers’ Daughter

In the chapel, Baroque music played from invisible speakers, and the haunting tones of a sourceless cantata convinced me momentarily of the presence of God. He was there in… More

Back to Court on Surveillance

This past week, The New York Times revealed that the federal government has used evidence gathered by secret surveillance in criminal cases without disclosing the source of the information,… More


He decided to guess who the perpetrator was, even though he had nothing to base his suspicions on, like a poker player going all in with a pair of… More

Like Any Normal Day

While the sport would never be entirely free of peril, the dangers that remained embedded in it called upon young men to prove themselves in ways that no other… More

The Intake Office

So much time is wasted when they won’t do the simplest things they’re asked. The newly dead, Bea thought, are just pathetic. More