Little Lady of My Heart

Shoe polish before / News from home / Up to the drawn- / In knee where your / Eye socket trusts / Off-shade / On purpose, don’t / They… More

John Reed: Two Sonnets

The truth is, I only tell 13 lies. / Lie no. 2: I lie in praise of heaven. / Three: this is between just the two of us.… More

Three Poems from Empire

How might it feel to be forced to drink molten gold? / The hardening from the inside would kill you almost instantly / When the gold was poured /… More

The Ida Pingala

I told you, in the decades to come, we’d hold our hands open to feel the moist sweat of the turn-coat landscape as it spoils the way we hear… More

Nocturne Trio

I'm an oilcloth stuffed / in the back pocket of jeans / you don't wear / Brass buttons on a work-shirt. Over / exaggeration, under simplification. More

Octaves Later

Beyond / the nerve tonic / I came up rather quickly / now it’s a way of saying something / as if another century had passed More

Wide Enough

wasn’t crossing the / fence line a bird / that wasn’t perched / in the magnolia More