Little Lady of My Heart

Shoe polish before
News from home
Up to the drawn-
In knee where your
Eye socket trusts
On purpose, don’t
They read…it concerns
People who are close,
I enjoy myself a
Bit with a twig be-
Guiled by your
Curls noncompetitive
With hides in quo-
Tation and bla, further
A 17th-cen. tureen
Emptied of am ex-
Pands there, remorse
But not so much
Remorse that you
Should polish intro-
Spection it could
Mean so much
To her and her
Followers if
Counters gleam
Time of relationship


Touches inter and
Everything showy,
Untenable, snorts
One’s faith in
Long green hose
Laid out enor-
Mous poisons
Before our feet he
Admires are acting
Some small iris
Inscribed with woe
Why’d they go out
At such a stylized
Distance, a hyper-
Direct remove…?
I thought they
Revealed sirloin
Quite rotten that
Day, but later on…
Blue-black shifts
To bed in charges
For us both but
I’ll leave too gently
And softly
I’m putting across
A malaise and corn-
Bread for my rebound
Who does allow, wan-
Ders like gnashing,
A closer look
All the drags across
The ground
I still leave a tip
Better carry on,
Painting of someone
Absorbed in own
Disposession stretches
To her about bite
With his mouth name-
Ly method red
Now as we towel it,
Today might be
Might frontal
Today, breakaway
Neutrality, tissue
And stimulated, bones
Are bored stiff…I
Couldn’t quite
Contain myself
I couldn’t…be free
And sincere either I
Liked him more as
He got richer…than
Tortured, soon no
More caresses
No dreams of
What would make
Non-rapid dis-
Junct of humble
And sly less like
I’m not sure
Attempt to clean
Leaves clutter
With its silver
Spouts please shall
Have a seat cross
Mediality hope-
Fully stay beneath
Cherry blossoms
Posing like you’ve
Buried seven hus-
Bands without a tear
You are keen
I love metal
Aluminum, brass, lead
And eager to prefer
A long time
To come disport
Free love


My problem is rather
To attain, I don’t tell
The trash, license
Less <<last night>>
I don’t tell a glassine
And honest envelope
I do not tell it a lie
If Mona is the tit-
Ular vagabond girl,
Probably the life
Force is
Lying…doubly it’s
Doubly pure
An artistic move
For sure, switches
And sausages in
Febrile ceramic dust
Ledging here in
Your arms I’m gut-
Ted, collapsed on your
Couches, feeling a
Wire seam for alpha
Overvisible love-
Making speaks over-
Audible prying
Bleeds, clarifies he-
Althy grabbing at my
Smoking acolytes in
The words of my apt.
OK it was bigger than
The analyst en-
Larging a relax rose
Under the nose,
Feels drawn, of
A quaking dog,
Pianocktail spule
Pain for some bread
And there was yellow
In the room too, al-
Beit jaundice!
OK, truth was: hel-
Meted, ransomed;
And Le Monde, read
Through and found,
Returned she, more
Wit, then? Six
Jerks in a Jeep
At zero, leave
To stir forgiven
Rain, her bun is the
Center of the world
Radiates dark
Green only to hurt
Your driving and…
The road operates
With violence as
With fun, your skin
Glows in the light
Of the youth scene
Its whorlish somnolent
Attitude and chatter
About freedom and
Celebration of the ir-
Rational is thanks
A lot
Despite conscious-
Ness-raising that
Speaking had to be
Free from parsonical
Sing-song and all
Those cadences which
Lull the spectator
So that the senses
Get lost, get
Latest beholden


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