[Cecilia, thank you for making out with me]

Cecilia, thank you for making out with me.

The snowflakes hold the air
once I see the frozen late. A song—

a girl goes back in time to save her friend.

I can’t wait to meet you there.

Experimentation becomes so serious,
and panic is the monster you sent me, consumed
in happiness. A song would save my life.

About a girl who goes back in time.

Lucid dreams and near-death experiences
become so serious. A night
I wanted changed will have forgotten
how to, leaving only that I wanted something else.

A song would save my life.

[Welling up in my hands are emotions]

Welling up in my hands are emotions,
and I awakened in her wake,
and I almost saw heaven then.

The other productive thing I did was eat Thai food.
My boss had to take the day off when his retainer fell out.

The free clinic girl turned to me glistening,
Don’t you sometimes feel that this is just a dream?

Stars to Earth and currents passing….

This feels so good. Slap me if I fall asleep,
She says you’ve been sleeping this whole time.

Like a teenager again.

Dust motes exploding off her hair.

And I woke up in a wheel chair.


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