Octaves Later

Beyond / the nerve tonic / I came up rather quickly / now it’s a way of saying something / as if another century had passed More

Wide Enough

wasn’t crossing the / fence line a bird / that wasn’t perched / in the magnolia More


Dear lovely legs dear love my legs in this better pond we are coming together my fingers in our genitals in a swamp we’re coming together your hands with… More

I Drink Bronze Light

Great American summer lakes/ right now I am flying above you / through a rare cloudless transparent sky / back to the city where it is always / cold… More


I drive half-way across the bridge, / kill my engine and wait. / You told me ghosts will push / my car to the other end. More


I was so crazy tired that I said the word ‘slumberland’ under my breath & it took on the charge of invective while it also made a hoop which… More