Four Poems by Seungja Choi

Mother, I am darkness. / Since the morning of the old / when Adam and Eve rose from grass, / I have been the long body’s sorrow. // Children… More

Two Poems by John Yau

Shorthand that he is sacrificial pig / Soon to be dangled plunged flushed or frozen / Before slurping prognathous blob toting lurkers / Mildly curious prop destined for smithereen… More

Went the Day Well?

He "died" "in the" battle, then fear / "And" sadness infected my milk / "My" baby "died," "on" "the" boardwalk / I "died" when "you" / Turned "your" car… More


I was immortal in my ability to be knocked down / and spread myself out to take the punch again. / In this sense I am still a mother.… More