Today the PEN Poetry Series sends tremendous thanks and gratitude to poets Robert Fernandez, Heather Christle, and Cathy Park Hong. Each of these poets worked tirelessly as guest editors of the series over the past year and helped PEN America and series editor Danniel Schoonebeek feature work from some of the most thrilling poets writing today. This was PEN America’s third team of guest editors, carrying on a tradition that has featured C.D. Wright, Maggie Nelson, Shane McCraeBen MirovAmy King, and Ana Božičević

With red, swollen eyes and many sobs, we want to extend a huge and booming thanks to each of these editors. Without their dedication to poetry and the literary community, the PEN Poetry Series would not and could not be what it is today. 

Another big announcement: during the month of May the PEN Poetry Series will be open for submissions for the first time since it began four years ago! We can’t wait to read your work. 

Submit your work to the PEN Poetry Series

And stay tuned for further announcements about our new guest editors and upcoming events. 

Featured work by series guest editors, along with interviews:

Daybreak – Robert Fernandez
Three Questions with Robert Fernandez

Swell – Heather Christle
Three Questions with Heather Christle 

Two Poems – Cathy Park Hong
Three Questions with Cathy Park Hong

Features selected by guest editors and series editor:

Look – Solmaz Sharif
Three Poems – Soren Stockman
In the Blazing Cities of Your Rotten Carcass Mouth – Daniel Borzutzky
Always – Alex Dimitrov
Two Poems – Eileen Myles
Trance Notebook #15 – Wayne Koestenbaum
The Houselights – Robyn Schiff
The Day – Anthony McCann
Five Poems – LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs
Last Sext – Melissa Broder 
Eight Poems – Sara Deniz Akant
First Husband – Natalie Lyalin
Annalogue on Oranges – Uljana Wolf (trans. Sophie Seita)
from KINGED – Graham Hunter Gregg
Four Poems – Hannah Sanghee Park
Vita – Karl Krolow (trans. Stuart Friebert)
from A Poem for Record Keepers – Ali Power
Life on Mars (Another New Year’s Day) – Genya Turovskaya
Dakota Incident – John Ashbery 
Alexander – Alex Walton
Sea of Tranquility – Lesley Yalen
Two Poems – Craig Morgan Teicher
from Aw Heck Land – Annelyse Gelman
Seven Poems – Peter Richards
Two Poems – Wendy Xu
Prologue – Joyelle McSweeney
Remainer – Graham Foust
from On Walking On – Cole Swensen
from What is Not Missing is Light – Bridgette Bates
Went the Day Well? – Aaron Kunin
Top Places to Breastfeed – Sara Mumolo
The Revolt of the Peasant Girls – Anne Boyer
Five Poems – Rachel B. Glaser
Two Poems – John Yau
from In the Gun Cabinet – Mike Lala
The Era – Cal Bedient
Four Poems – Mark McMorris
from Ideal Machine – Ashley Toliver
Poetry is Special America – Special America
Two Poems – Kirill Medvedev (trans. Jon Platt)
Four Poems – Emily Wilson
When She Left – Nina Puro
Two Poems – Forrest Gander
Fallacy – Rusty Morrison
Three Poems – Roberto Tejada
Three Poems – Camille Rankine
from On Paradise – Roger Reeves
Number Six of the Eleven Calamities – Renee Gladman
Three Poems – Mark Levine
Not the Wedding Poem – Jenny Browne
from The Pirate Who Does Not Know the Value of Pi – Eugene Ostashevsky
English – Emily Hunt
Five Poems – Juan-Carlos Galeano (trans. James Kimbrell, Rebecca Morgan)
Two Poems – Jericho Brown
Four Poems – Seungja Choi (trans. Won-Chung Kim, Cathy Park Hong)
Selfie in a Pixelated Mirror – John Beer