My dear compatriots at home and abroad,

While confined to these dark prison cells, I am deeply moved to know that many of you still care, follow and support my case.  Seeing all the friends and fellow parishioners at my trial on Oct. 2, 2013, warms my heart immensely and it further gives me confidence in the path I have chosen. The 30-month sentence given to me is unjust and illegal. I have lodged an appeal to the Supreme court and accused the judge of violating Article 295 of the Penal code, because he has rendered a verdict that is contrary to the laws. Every single day that I am being imprisoned, is a day of further hardship for my family and I; but most important of all, it is another day that justice in Vietnam is being trampled on.

I conduct my struggle with measure, in an ethical manner, and to the best of my knowledge at all times, in all places, and I am pleased to see progress, however modest.

I hope that there will be positive developments in my upcoming appeals trial and I hope to continue to receive your support. The support from outside will have a decisive role in determining the victory of freedom and justice inside the courtroom.

In prison, I am at peace and always believe in the bright future of our nation. I think of you all constantly and pray daily for your peace and progress. I sincerely apologize to those whom I have caused sadness or suffering by my actions, ideals and words and I readily forgive those who have wronged and caused grief to me and my family, irrespective of their political belief. Right now, I am filled with faith in the human nature of goodness, charity, and compassion, as well as our continous struggle against evil and oppression by awakening our conscience and changing from within.

Goodness will grow, evil will retract. Democracy will spread and dictatorship will regress. The heroic people of Vietnam deserve a happy and prosperous life. They shall know what to do and hold the country’s destiny in their own hands. No individual or any political party can take that away from them.

Long live Vietnam!
Lawyer Le Quoc Quan

Thinking of Mother this Spring

Mother, this Spring I cannot
Ring in the new year with my wife and children
Inside the four walls, cold at night
My heart breaking with the pain of homesickness
Another spring, my head turns more silver
Angry that I have not fulfilled my filial duty
Mother don’t be sad; I am crying
For our country’s spring

Le Quoc Quan