Three Wishes

I have a dream for my family.

My two sisters and my brother did not go to school, and I wish they could have had an education. Now I want my nephew and nieces to be educated so they will be able to reach their wishes and be able to help our country in the future. If I am educated, I can help them step-by-step with their education. And then they will be able to help their new generation.

I have a dream for Afghanistan.

I want to see my country like other countries in twenty years. Everyone should have equal rights, peace, and stability in their lives. Presently we don’t have these human rights, especially not for girls, and I want them for all people. If we have this discrimination between each other, we can never improve our country.

I have a big dream for Afghanistan.

I want to see one day that it is like other free countries. I have a dream for my own future. I want to graduate from high school and from university and I want to be a doctor. I want to be honest and good and I want to help my country.

I hope that I will accomplish my wishes and make them all come true.


By Anisgul, age 14, courtesy of the Afghan Women’s Writing Project Teenage Writers Workshop