Not the Wedding Poem

It's hard to tell / whether the crash survivable memory units / recovered from the black box chilling / at the bottom of the sea are the tonic /… More

from Ideal Machine

dear son don’t flinch / when he comes for you // singing through my brain my face // lure you wait / shadows flat under the operating lights //… More

Sea of Tranquility

No one refrains from repeating the gesture forever. / New York as seen from a plane / Writing its name in the sky. / What once appeared to be… More


Mercilessly I’m spared: / others drink the red wine in the cellar. / More and more weightless / my body: the clothes on the pole / are an image… More

First Husband

He was close by and very eerie / He did not do the dishes / He retreated into our house / or he rode away in cabs / He… More

The Day

I want to say / Today // but today / it is The Day // that entered / in my face // I went there / on a sound… More