Rereading & Rewriting Crime

We can respond to this crisis as a literary community by centering and seriously considering the work that casts prison, prisoners, and the prison state/industry in new light. More

Five Poems by Lisa Olstein

Like everyone, I’ll watch indefinitely while / the meant-to-be lovers stay a lip’s width apart / or a war zone, their shadows overlapping / like animals around a dried-up… More

from Poses

At this, Joe asked, Are you good? O yeah, I’m a slugger, she said, her gaze trained on the far wall. Every statement she makes induces in me a… More

Seven Poems by Valerie Hsiung

(I am withholding something / frightening, holy, foolhardy, strange, / loving, excruciating, vital, unknown, / rejuvenating, transient, natural, old) // like a free will / like nowhere to go More

from The Waters

Black hail falls on your daughter’s wedding. / Every day the next day is the biggest exam of your life. / When you say “coffee” all people hear is… More

An Excerpt from Dick

But each place is well and each well a hole encircled by hunters on their hams with spears listening between the broken and whole words into the darkness below… More