In Afghan society it is hard to be a girl. We wake up to teasing from boys, and even when a girl tries to keep herself away from all of the problems around her, she faces nothing but difficulties.

We are affected by many things in our life that we are not old enough to understand. Even if a girl goes to school and her family supports her education, the rest of society doesn’t support her. Every day when we wake up we face the battle against illiteracy in our country, but one day we will win the battle. In provinces like Kabul, Herat, or Mazar, girls can go to school as normal girls. They have human rights.

One day not just our mothers will support us but our country will support us and be proud of us. We are sure that the fight for our rights for a better tomorrow is not wrong. We have this right from Islam that a Muslim girl has the right to live the way she wants.

Yes, we face many problems but we won’t stop. Not today and not tomorrow because our country needs us. If out there are terrorists with guns in their hands to kill, then we have pens in our hands to teach.

Every Afghan girl I know believes that we will help rebuild our country. Afghan girls work as fast as they can every day so they can take out time to listen to the radio’s educational programs.

If we don’t have our rights today we will do our best to get them for our tomorrow. We will fight because we don’t want our daughters to face the problems we have to face.