The Book Report: Jeff Shotts

"Contemporary American poetry is experiencing an extraordinary wave of first books that are expanding our conceptions of what poetry is and what it means to be human." More

The Book Report: Abeer Hoque

I’ve been trying to diversify my reading list for years now by picking books by women, authors of colour, translated works, works from countries not usually represented in the… More

The Book Report: Celeste Ng

Families are the most fundamental relationships we have, the ones that shape us from before we’re born and linger even after we die—or at least, that are supposed to. More

The Book Report: Melissa Febos

"So often we mistake popularity or terminology for the advent of form (memoir did not begin with Frank McCourt, nor the essay with Montaigne). Here are some of the… More

The Book Report: Rick Moody

"A book is 'great' or canonical, for me, in proportion to the way it rethinks the conventions of form. This might imply that the canon for me is always… More