Forbidden Chirping

After all, our prime minister has been complaining about this so-called art for a long time. Art is beautiful and esthetic, it’s pleasant to the eye and ear, it… More

The Library in the Torture Center

Many of the countries represented in this year's FIFA World Cup—including finalist Argentina—have less than impressive track records when it comes to free speech. Martin Ezpeleta visits the Library… More

N’existe Pas

The paparazzo placed his denim elbows squarely on the café table’s darkly polished depths. “The truth is, there is no further distinction to be made between ‘surveillance’ and ‘media’.… More

Russia in Between Security and Democracy

The book market is not noticeably being censored. What is evident, however, is that innovative and controversial literature is being plucked out of the canon (thereby causing it to… More

Day of Rage

we checked it all out, twice we passed / the policeman in his sentry-box… / when we dispersed in the half gloom of side-streets / I noted this image:… More