Breakout: Voices From the Inside

Featuring award-winning prose and poetry from the 2015 PEN Prison Writing Contest, read by Khalil Cumberbatch, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Siri Hustvedt, Mitchell S. Jackson, Dawn Lundy Martin, Jeffrey Toobin,… More

Two Poems by Erica Hunt

Here a thousand birds dispute / the fresh blood on the sidewalk / the battle line, how it was drawn / how the sides were chosen / had there… More

from Recollections of a Face

There was a slowness of heart. / There was swelling of lungs. / There were Latin terms for everything. / There was walking around in the ward. / There… More

Four Poems by Duriel E. Harris

"Harris's liberatory poetics move between text on the page, visual meanings, and sound meanings. It is in the last category where the poems chosen this month live, where they… More

Six Poems by Lucas de Lima

tree we imagine in memory of the slave who preferred / 200 lashes instead of fulmination / live blood running down the trunk instead of latex in the thorax… More