What Would Be Up

The I / the guy / retouched / like a billboard / or some kink / you crossed / the line / into bearded / disappearance / you… More

Three Poems from Feeld

unforld mye folde / lik / a chylde debarkynge the old / treee / ekspektynge a hole / mye fase 2 the flore / off a feeld / becums… More

Just As I As

if the other actors believe you’re the king… so I sang / alas, alas for you as “Him,” again, again at the strain of my range. / the King… More

Bee Alliance

this day was meant for something else / burn the barn / horses hate them / fuck the barn / fuck the rancher and his barbed wire / shake… More

from Word Problems

X’s body is covered with 8% psoriasis, 11% tattoos, 23% fat, and 62% hair. If X is a man, how much of his body is livable? If X is… More