Saleh Al-Shehi

In January 2018, Al-Shehi, a noted anti-corruption columnist critical of the government, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for "insulting the royal court." He was released from prison… More

İbrahim Gökçek Grup Yorum

Gökçek was a member of activist folk band Grup Yorum. From the band’s inception, its critical songs have angered the Turkish state, and members have faced severe threats. Released… More

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Helin Bölek Grup Yorum

Bölek was a member of activist collective and band Grup Yorum. Since the band’s inception, its critical songs have angered the Turkish government and members have faced serious threats.… More

Dang Phuc Tue Thich Quang Do

Dang was a patriarch of the banned Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam who became the public face of religious dissent in the country. He spent his last 30 years… More

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Nguyen Chi Thien

A dissident writer and political activist, Nguyen spent a total of 27 years in prison between 1960 and 1991. While in prison, he composed over 400 poems, which were… More

Ayşe Nur Zarakolu

Founder of the Freedom to Publish Commission, Zarakolu was a pioneering female figure in Turkey's literary world. A political essayist herself, she was arrested over 30 times for her… More

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Zouhair Yahyaoui Ettounsi

Founder of Yahyaoui was arrested in a cybercafe on charges of false news and unauthorized use of the internet in June 2000. Having served half his sentence, he… More

Matsemela Manaka

Manaka was an artist, poet, and playwright who was honored with the first PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award in 1987, and funded a playwright workshop for young authors… More

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Siamak Pourzand

Pourzand, former manager of a cultural center and frequent cultural commentator, passed away after falling from his apartment balcony; though it is unclear whether he jumped or was pushed.… More

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Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Famous anti-colonial author Pramoedya was imprisoned twice for his writings, first by the Dutch from 1947-1949 and later by the authoritarian Suharto regime from 1965-1979. While in prison, he… More