Ali Al-Domaini | Status: Deceased | Saudi Arabia

Ali Al-Domaini is a poet and writer whose publications include three collections of poetry and one novel in Arabic. As a political activist, he has campaigned for a move… More

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Rakhim Esenov | Status: Deceased | Turkmenistan

Rakhim Esenov was charged in February 2004 with “inciting social, national, and religious hatred using the mass media,” which he has indicated refers to statements made by characters in… More

Li Liqun Li Huizi

Li Liqun Li Huizi

Li Liqun was an esteemed blogger and writer well-known by his pen name Li Huizi who blogged about fairness and justice and wrote poetry. Li took his own life… More

Raúl Rivero | Status: Deceased | Cuba

Raúl Rivero is among the first generation of journalists trained at Havana University's School of Journalism after the 1959 revolution. He co-founded the satirical magazine Caimán Barbudo in 1966.… More

Hasan Basri Aydın

Writer and retired literature professor Hasan Basri Aydın was briefly detained at the airport in September 2020 on charges of insulting two former justice ministers after returning to Istanbul… More

Mamadali Mahmudov | Status: Deceased | Uzbekistan

Mamadali Mahmudov is a renowned Uzbek writer and opposition activist who was released in 2013 after serving a 14-year sentence on charges related to a series of explosions in… More

Abdullah Abu Sharkh

Writer Abdullah Mohammed Abu Sharkh was detained by Hamas forces on March 13, 2020 and interrogated about social media posts in which he had criticized the Hamas authorities. Charged… More

İbrahim Gökçek Grup Yorum

Gökçek was a member of activist folk band Grup Yorum. From the band’s inception, its critical songs have angered the Turkish state, and members have faced severe threats. Released… More

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Helin Bölek Grup Yorum

Singer Bölek was a member of activist collective and band Grup Yorum. Since the band’s inception, its critical songs have angered the Turkish government and members have faced serious… More

Dang Phuc Tue Thich Quang Do

Tue was a patriarch of the banned Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam who became the public face of religious dissent in the country. He spent his last 30 years… More