In Memoriam Tatárszentgyörgy, 2009

They quickly hunted down the man and woman, / the father with his son, the mother with her daughter. / Then they ran home to tuck themselves into bed… More


He had promised her that she could sleep after she had vomited up the pills. And now the woman lay, almost unconscious, in his arms. He was not sure… More

Cat and Mouse, Dog and Ouroboros

For many years China has been a prototype for countries trying to control and censor the Internet, but it seems that censorship in China has reached the end of… More

The Facebook Revolution

The revolution exposed the deep suffering of Egypt’s people. In a sense, the revolution didn’t bring chaos to the country, but an explosion of the people’s rage towards the… More

What Happens To Your Mother Is Not Your Concern!

The cruelties and abuses taking place today in Syria defy all comprehension. Perhaps not even literature, or the language itself, is sufficient to be able to depict what is… More

140 Characters Make You A Terrorist

Saudi Arabia remains one of few countries untouched by the wave of democratic uproar that swept through the Middle East. The reason? According to one Saudi journalist, who chooses… More

The Princess and the Slave

In Afghanistan, where four-fifths of the population is illiterate, poetry has always had a strong position—especially among women. The Afghan writer and journalist Nushin Arbabzadah writes here a letter… More

Prison Memoirs

“The girls and the women here wanted to hear about my time in freedom outside the prison walls, but I could not wait to share my stories about my… More