Time Together

I was hardly proud that my son had somehow pulled off the incredible feat of impregnating some random girl while still tethered to me umbilically. Obviously. I mean, my… More

UN Plaza

Today is not that good day, / I do not want to die. / I’m not a soul but a seal / in the company of seals... More


  Board of Trustees 2013-2014 (December 2013) Officers Peter Godwin, President John Troubh, Executive Vice-President Jeri Laber, Vice-President Victoria Redel, Vice-President John Oakes, Treasurer Elinor Lipman, Secretary Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director Trustees Cara Benson Susan Bernofsky Edward Burlingame Roxanne Donovan Jennifer Egan Nathan Englander Morgan Entrekin Jeanmarie Fenrich Wendy… More

On Translating Jean Ferry

"I thought: here is an author who unites disparate readerships, surely of use in our niche-fractured literary landscape, where readers divided by camp and interest can be reunited by… More

Journals Seeking Work in Translation

3:AM Magazine (Paris, France) 91st Meridian (Iowa City) A Public Space (Brooklyn) Agni (Boston University, Boston) Alchemy (University of California, San Diego) The American Reader (New York) Arroyo Literary Review (California State University, Hayward, CA) Asymptote Journal (online) The Baffler (Cambridge, MA) Banipal: Magazine of… More