N’existe Pas

The paparazzo placed his denim elbows squarely on the café table’s darkly polished depths. “The truth is, there is no further distinction to be made between ‘surveillance’ and ‘media’.… More

The Future of Writing in English

In 2013, a Canadian company released the program ToneCheck that screens emails for potentially conflict causing language. Post-meeting anger: alert. Late night reach/bite toward a lost lover: don’t. More

A Culture of Surveillance

The harms that surveillance brings are not limited to the moment—they ripple out in time and space. College students are silenced so their communities lose a generation of outspoken… More

Mapping Metaphors to Fight Surveillance

Over 62 days, PEN analyzed the use of metaphors in surveillance news coverage. We found that there is rich thematic diversity in the types of metaphors that are used,… More