Collage of various images: Etheridge Knight, illustration of the New York City skyline, Attica Prison Uprising, “PEN America Prison and Justice Writing” overlaid on a manila envelope with stamps, an illustration of a book, a butterfly and from mail, and an illustration of prison bars

Prison and Justice Writing

PEN America’s Prison and Justice Writing program amplifies the work of thousands of writers who are creating while incarcerated in the United States. More

The Sentences That Create Us book cover and quote from Michelle Alexander

The Sentences That Create Us

A road map for incarcerated people and their allies to have a thriving writing life behind bars—and shared beyond the walls—that draws on the unique insights of more than… More

Temperature Check Vol. 10 art with Ebony Underwood and Dunasha Payne

Temperature Check, Vol. 10: Family Through The Walls

Explore the issue of carceral family separation through an award-winning piece of fiction by incarcerated writer Amy Bishop Anderson and Works of Justice Podcast episodes with Ebony Underwood and… More

Temperature Check Vol 9 artwork: headshots of Corey “Al-Ameen” Patterson and Lucy Lang side by side

Temperature Check, Vol. Nine: The Election Issue

Manhattan DA Candidate Lucy Lang explores a district attorney’s role during COVID-19, and writer/activist Corey “Al-Ameen” Patterson details the importance of voting behind bars. More