Two Poems by Amber Atiya

u daughter of geechee gods / u femme no longer loving / the butch on top of her, u queer / my nickel plated heaven: / boys with breasts… More

Selfie in a Pixelated Mirror

Not too many jokes, and even worse, / the ones that do come up won’t be so funny, more like / saltines, welcome when there’s nothing else around. /… More


I waver / and fade / if you close // The door / The night could last forever / Leave the sun // Shine out / and drink a… More

Not the Wedding Poem

It's hard to tell / whether the crash survivable memory units / recovered from the black box chilling / at the bottom of the sea are the tonic /… More

Three Poems by Mark Levine

But I was about to say / When Chance came and cut me down with his Wehrmacht / That I was present on the assembly floor / And accountable… More


to answer a husband, you’d // have to hear him; // something your dead mother wouldn’t say; she was terrible at humor; but you could start now,… More