[VIRTUAL] Women in Translation Reading Series 2022 (Session 2)

The words, "Women in Translation Month Reading Series: August 2022, Session 2," next to a stack of books.

Moderator: Jesse Lee Kercheval
K.B. Thors (translator) and Kristín Svava Tómasdóttir (Icelandic)
Grace Mahoney (translator) and Iryna Starovoyt (Ukrainian)
D.P. Snyder (translator) and Mónica Crespo (Spanish)
Christina Vega-Westhoff (translator) and Melanie Taylor Herrera (Spanish)
Deanna Cachoian-Schanz (translator) and Shushan Avagyan (Armenian)



Jesse Lee Kercheval is a writer and translator, specializing in Uruguayan poetry. She has been awarded a Fellowship at the Banff Literary Translation Centre and an NEA in Translation. She is the Zona Gale Professor Emerita in Poetry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



Shushan Avagyan headshotShushan Avagyan (b. 1976) is a translator and author of two experimental novels in Armenian, and is the co-founder of the queer-fem Queering Yerevan Collective in Armenia’s capital.

Deanna Cachoian-Schanz headshotDeanna Cachoian-Schanz is a translator working in the geographies of Armenia, Turkey, and their diasporas, at the intersection of critical, feminist and queer theory, archive and critical race studies.

Mónica Crespo headshotMónica Crespo (Bergara, 1974) is a Basque writer, lecturer, and professor of creative writing. “The Secret Mothers” was a finalist in 2018 for the Spanish prizes, Setenil and Tigre Juan.

Melanie Taylor Herrera headshotMelanie Taylor Herrera is a Panamanian psychologist, violinist, and author of poetry and prose. Her works include Tiempos Acuáticos, Amables Predicciones, Microcosmos, Atrapasueño, Camino a Mariato, and Mujerona.

Grace Mahoney headshotGrace Mahoney is an emerging translator and editor of the Lost Horse Press Contemporary Ukrainian Poetry Series. She lives in Ann Arbor, MI.

D.P. Snyder headshotD.P. Snyder is a bilingual writer, translator, critic and contributor to Reading in Translation. Her first book-length translation is Meaty Pleasures (Katakana Editores 2021), selected stories by Mónica Lavín (Mexico).

Iryna Starovoyt headshotIryna Starovoyt is a poet and professor of Cultural Studies at Ukrainian Catholic University. She lives in Lviv, Ukraine.


K.B. Thors headshotK.B. Thors is the author of Vulgar Mechanics (Coach House, 2019). Thors’ translation of Tómasdóttir’s Hetjusögur, Herostories, is forthcoming from Deep Vellum in 2023.

Kristín Svava Tómasdóttir headshotKristín Svava Tómasdóttir is a poet and historian. Her fourth poetry book, Hetjusögur (2020), won Iceland’s Women’s Prize for Literature.


Christina Vega-Westhoff headshotChristina Vega-Westhoff is a poet, translator, aerialist, and teaching artist. Her book Suelo Tide Cement won the Nightboat Prize for Poetry and her translations have appeared in numerous literary journals.