Reimagining A Wrinkle In Time Reading List Featured Image

Reimagining A Wrinkle In Time: A Reading List

Little girls in glasses have showed us how to save the world from darkness for years. The journeys they take as they come into their power showcase their everyday… More

Surveillance: An Innocent Fiction?

Science fiction has long explored the possibility and implications of government omniscience resulting from ever-expanding state surveillance powers. But it's not just Orwell and Kafka—writers throughout history and across… More

Excerpts from Kurt Vonnegut: Letters

International P.E.N. is an organization of terribly old European cultural bureaucrats who meet twice a year to discuss World War Two. It is mainly financed by Americans and West… More

Sidney Offit on Kurt Vonnegut

When Roger Straus introduced me to Kurt Vonnegut at a PEN seminar circa 1970, the publisher of so many Nobel Laureates it was rumored he had an apartment in… More