The cart was gaining momentum. My friend nudged me, said, "Your mother is waving," but I was biting, savoring the burst of red honey on my tongue. More


But I was not a destroyer of worlds. Not really. I had destroyed one world, singular, and it was just a very small one. I hadn’t even meant to… More

And a Lie

I told the police I had fallen asleep at the wheel, but really, I saw them coming and swerved toward them on an impulse, just to see what it… More

the puzzle box

he didn't have to say much anymore. he could imply. there was the equation, and the proof, and there was a little machine we could build and imagine it… More

I Am China

Dear Queen, maybe this is not your business but I have had a very troubled bowel since I was a child, which is exactly what Fidel Castro has… More


No torsos, no chests, no bellies, just eyes that gazed at her, craved her, carved her into something unnatural, something ugly and immortal. Mailin chased this version of herself… More


The expression ripples out from her eyes. She squints, then opens them wide, teeth gritted and a gasp. More

Fart Mart

All day long, as you sleep in the darkened room, you sweat through your shirt and the sheets and into the feather comforter and then awaken in a person-shaped… More

An Odd Bird

Amal didn’t see when they took her mother away. She closed herself in her mother’s bedroom and smelled the lilac on her mother’s pillow until the sounds of the… More