Deniz Yücel

Deniz Yücel

Columnist Deniz Yücel was wrongfully subjected to pre-trial detention—including nine months of solitary confinement and torture in Istanbul’s Siliviri prison—and then indicted in 2018 with producing “terrorism propaganda,” and… More

Ali Bulaç

A former columnist for the shuttered Zaman newspaper, Bulaç was one of many journalists rounded up after the failed 2016 coup in Turkey. He spent over a year in… More

Yasin Qasemi Bajd

A member of the Sunni minority in Iran who writes on politics and religion, Yasin Qasemi Bajd was arrested and reportedly interrogated in February 2021 on a number of… More

Said Djabelkhir

Said Djabelkhir

Scholar Djabelkhir was—without notice—charged with “offending the precepts of Islam” after writing three Facebook posts of “academic reflections” on the Quran and Islamic tradition in January 2020. In April… More

Shahidul Alam

Shahidul Alam | Status: On Trial | Bangladesh

Shahidul Alam, photographer, journalist, and activist, is currently being detained for commenting about the student protests in Dhaka, Bangladesh. More

Aslı Erdoğan | Status: On Trial | Turkey

Aslı Erdoğan is a renowned novelist and human rights activist in Turkey who faced terrorism charges for her journalistic work. More

Saw Wai

Saw Wai | Status: On Trial | Myanmar

Saw Wai is a Burmese poet and performance artist well known for his romantic poetry. In October 2019, the military brought a case against Saw Wai and two other… More

Ahmet Sever

A writer and journalist, Sever has been on trial since April 2019 on charges of insulting President Erdoğan in Sever's book My Testimony. An advisor and press chief to… More

Ömer Aslan Porçay

In 2018, popular satirist Ömer Aslan, known as Porçay on YouTube was charged with encouraging the use of psychotropic substances for writing a rap song, in which he parodied… More

Jose Bello

In May 2019, Bello recited his poem “Dear America,” inspired by his first-hand experience in Mesa Verde detention facility, at a local forum. Less than 36 hours later, he… More