Pinaki Bhattacharya

Bhattacharya is a prolific writer and blogger who is a vocal critic of the Bangladeshi government. He went into hiding in 2018 after being summoned by authorities for his… More

Marzouka Oummou Hani

Hani, a talented young author, wrote Mon Pere ou Mon Destin (My Father or My Destiny). She was sued for blasphemy by the leader of Idool Village for… More

Mehmet Sahin

Sahin, a Kurdish columnist, has faced ongoing persecution since 2016, including job dismissal and lawsuits. In June 2022, Sahin was arrested along with 15 other Kurdish journalists in Diyarbakir… More

Adnan Al-Rousan

Al-Rousan, a columnist, was arrested on August 14, 2022 for criticizing the King of Jordan via Facebook. He was charged with inciting conflict and sowing division among the elements… More

Şebnem Korur Fincancı

Şebnem Korur Fincancı

Fincancı, a human rights activist and expert, was arrested after serving as a guest editor for pro-Kurdish newspaper Özgür Gündem. Her acquittal was overturned in November 2020 and she… More

Gökhan Yavuzel

Gökhan Yavuzel

Yavuzel is a Kurdish author and commentator. In July 2021, he was attacked after appearing on a hitlist of Turkish dissidents. Since then, authorities issued warrants for Yavuzel’s arrest… More

Gulgeç Akdeniz Gulgeş Deryaspî

Gulgeç Akdeniz is a literary writer who has published three books in Kurdish. She was arrested on July 25, 2019 during raids across Bitlis province in eastern Türkiye. On… More

Hayko Bağdat

Bağdat is a Turkish-Armenian columnist who has been targeted in the past for his articles criticizing the government. He now lives in exile in Berlin. In 2019 he was… More

Deniz Yücel

Deniz Yücel

Columnist Yücel was subjected to pre-trial detention--including solitary confinement and torture--and then indicted in 2018 with producing “terrorism propaganda,” and “inciting the public to hatred and enmity.” Now in… More