The Butterfly Conspiracy

That was before. In the evening, we’d perch at the top of the cliff to watch the sun drown itself. Way off in the distance, it screamed out its… More


Harmen Gerbens the Cairo Dutchman rests now in the briefcase above my seat—a name and a history, chronologically the first on the list, without my knowing at the time… More


In the village, to which I rarely return since our father’s death, I drive up to the gate outside his second wife’s house; I back the van into the… More

Salvation Army

She always slept with us, in the middle, between my little brother Mustapha and my sister Rabiaa.She would fall asleep very quickly and night after night, in a natural,… More

Les Etoiles de Sidi Moumen

Quand les vivants pensent à moi, ils m’ouvrent comme un soupirail sur leur monde. Alors je m’y coule en douce, sans faire le moindre bruit. Je me garde de… More

In Sfax

I no longer know exactly how this strange premonition came about, but I was certain I was going to die on this trip to Tunisia. I’ve often taken the… More

His Mother’s Voice

In high spirits, I waved to the waiter, and called my mother to warn her I'd be late. An urgent case, I lied. The way I sometimes lied, though… More

The Patience Stone

Somewhere in Afhanistan or elsehereThe room is small. Rectangular. Stifling, despite the paleness of the turquoise walls, and the two curtains patterned with migrating birds frozen mid-flight against a… More

Self-Portrait Abroad

Sitting with Professor H. in one corner of the covered café terrace opposite the main entrance to the Nara train station, we kept our eyes peeled for the three people… More