Splendid Conspiracy

Whenever he looked back on the episode, Imtaz couldn’t help reliving all the ghastliness of that moment when, clasping his co-star in a fiery embrace, he had realized his… More


Telling it all after the fact . . . easier said than done! . . . much easier! . . . After all, you can still hear the echo . . . baboom!your head’s spinning . . . even seven years later . . . your mug . . .… More

On Public Lives/Private Lives

No poseo nada: ni casa, ni auto, ni habitación, ni una cama. Vivo de paso y de prestado.I own nothing: no house, no car, no room, not even a… More

Suite Française

1Hot, thought the Parisians. The warm air of spring. It was night, they were at war and there was an air raid. But dawn was near and the war… More

Language Barriers

I met Beckett in the mid ’60s. I’d started to read him in the mid ’50s and I wanted to meet the man. I didn’t often want to meet… More