Chapbooks for Everyone!

Last week was New York’s 2012 Poetry Chapbook Festival. New Yorkers could buy chapbooks straight from the people who make them, see a ton of great poets read their… More

Writ in Water

Happy World Water Day. Here we’d like to drop for you some words that were, like our names, writ in and on water–about things you could do today to… More

What Poets Write

What do poets write and say when they don’t write pomes and poetics essays—or poems that ARE poetics essays? More

Poetry, Not Just a Book

Poetry is not just a book anymore. Beyond online journals, poems happily interact with film and video, music, dance, and, well, we’re here today to celebrate all the ways… More

Leaps and Sounds

The leap-year February is extraordinary also in that it brings us LOADS of great new poetry—and a lot of it free and online! So let’s give it to the… More

Walk and Talk

Poet Jon Cotner, co-author with Andy Fitch of Ten Walks/Two Talks (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2010), has a new walking/talking/picture-taking project up over at the BMW Guggenheim Lab Blog. More