Happy World Water Day. Here we’d like to drop for you some words that were, like our names, writ in and on water–about things you could do today to honor H20.

Drop 1: consult the eco language reader edited by Brenda Iijima~

Drop 2: read an “ecopoetry manifesto” in Octopus Magazine~

Drop 3: get to know Korean eco-poets~

Drop 4: hear Adrienne Rich’s instruction on how to dive into the wreck~

Drop 5: watch United Nations’ Peace and Ecology vigil in Central Park~

Drop 6: explore the Ecopoetics & Women issue of How2, with pieces by LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Tina Darragh and Marcella Durand, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Cara Benson, Jane Sprague, and others~

Drop 7: read about the ecopoetics of H.D.’s visions and then read her The Sword Went Out to Sea~

Drop 8: watch a collection of ecopoetic poetry videos, with work by Theodore Roethke, Joy Harjo, and many others~

Drop 9: hear Philip Larkin read his poem Water~

Drop 10: explore the vast archives of Poets for Living Waters~

Drop 11: avail yourself of all the beautiful issues of ecopoetics (and read about it here)~

Drop 12: pencil in the 2013 conference on ecopoetics at UC Berkeley~

Myriad drops: read Jonathan Skinner’s “Conceptualizing the field,” Tamiko Beyer’s “Notes Towards a Queer Ecopoetics,” Pascale Petit’s What the Water Gave Meand tell your children about water …