Last week was New York’s 2012 Poetry Chapbook Festival. New Yorkers could buy chapbooks straight from the people who make them, see a ton of great poets read their work, and listen to some informative panels.

Here’s an interview with the festival organizer, Sampson Starkweather, over at HTML Giant where he talks about chapbooks and the festival in detail.

Here’s another interview with the brilliant Joseph Lease over at the Scottish Poetry Library. Lease reads his work and talks about Ginsberg, his reading habits, and influences.

Maybe you have already discovered the Claudius App. Maybe you haven’t? If not, you’re in for a treat.

Also, if you couldn’t make it to the chapbook festival, you can still support small press publishing by purchasing chapbooks ON THE INTERNET. I recommend you check out the new releases from these reputable presses: POOR CLAUDIA, Greying Ghost, Publishing Genius, Immaculate Disciples Press, Ugly Ducking Presse, The Song Cave.

That’s all for this week.