Brett Fletcher Lauer is starting off a new leg of PEN’s Poetry Relay Series with a reading of his wonderful poem, “Majestic Interlude.”

Over at The Pleistocene, one of the multiple arms of the web publication THE VOLTA NEWS, Joshua Marie Wilkinson interviews Brandon Shimoda, the author of Girl Without Arms and O Bon.

Publishing Genius, a great small press based out of Baltimore, has just released two new poetry titles: Meat Heart by Melissa Broder and If I Falter at the Gallows by Edward Mullany. You can buy them both for discounted prices. You will not regret it.

I’m also excited to read Heather Christle’s new book, What is Amazing, from Wesleyan University Press.

NAP looks like a great new poetry entity. I haven’t read this whole issue yet, but the few poems I’ve read have been rad. They also have a bunch of e-books, which look great.

Also, the Heavy Feather Review, a new e-book format journal, has just released its first issue. It’s packed full of exciting writers.

If you’re in the greater NY area this coming Monday, the folks at Augury Books are having a release party for their first chapbooks ever from B.C. Edwards and Paige Lipari. I would totally go to this if I was still living in Brooklyn.