Axe Wound

Snatch. Slit. Box. Words were too dense now. They sat thick on tongues. You had to figure out the right way to say them or you’d choke. More

View on an Accident

Yesterday on that same corner, a young man on a motorcycle was hit by a car. I heard it happen: the familiar shriek of tire on asphalt, the crunch… More

Letters from Ukraine

The piece originally appeared on Poetry International's website on March 7, 2014. Letters from UkraineThis week, Russian troops invaded Crimea. Putin claims this invasion is an effort to protect the Russian-language population of… More

The PEN Ten with emily m. danforth

I fear that it sounds too nicey-nice, too passive, which isn’t my intention—writers can and should agitate and expose and upset. But I still think there’s something there in… More