(New York, NY) – The New York Times this weekend reported that conservatives allied with President Trump are engaged in an organized campaign to discredit critical journalists. PEN America CEO Suzanne Nossel issued the following statement:

“Credible reports that individuals affiliated with the Trump campaign and administration are engaging in a systematic campaign of character assassination directed against journalists, some of their family members, and media outlets that provide critical coverage is shocking but not really surprising. PEN America filed suit nearly a year ago challenging the White House’s violation of the First Amendment through its use of the machinery of government in overt threats and acts of retaliation against what they consider to be unfavorable treatment by the press. 

“These new revelations expose the use of different and more insidious means in pursuit of similar ends: seeking to menace, embarrass, and punish reporters and news outlets into silence. They represent a blatant and dangerous attempt to undercut the trustworthiness and integrity of the mainstream press in the eyes of the public, aiming to sow confusion between reliable, reported facts and manufactured falsehoods. It is the role of the press to hold government accountable, and they must be able to do so without fear of retribution. The president should call for an immediate end to all such schemes, and insist that his supporters and all associated with his administration and campaign refrain from any interference whatsoever with the role of the press.”

Read more about PEN America’s lawsuit against President Trump.


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