Intellectual Property Workshop

With the advent of e-books, reversion has raised some very interesting questions. When you have paper books it’s easy to tell if something is out of print. You go… More

The Chukchi Bible

The First Man of Our LineErmen made a slow ascent of the high crag that hung over the foamy tide line. The alarmed gulls and guillemots bombarded him with… More


Creoles, MestizosSince it so happens you are strange and Iam strange, together we will shock the world.Families as they stroll by will point at us,and we’ll be famous, quite… More


KG 3.53Though only death has baffled himhe owns the universe, the stars … —Tom Paulin, ‘Chorus’‘Me shogun.’‘Me bigwig.’‘Me the chief’s son.I make the rules here.’It’s a load of crap.Laughing, skipping,Tumbling,… More

Translation Slam: Turkish Slam

İnsan Aklının İlk İşaretleri: Burçlar, Kitabelerby Bejan MaturSurların yüzeyinde sadece harfler olsaydı eksik kalırdı.Yeryüzünün o erken konuklarının çocuksu aklını, çocuksu geometrilerdenve hayvanların, bitkilerin neşesinden kurtarmak ne mümkün.Binyıllardır şehri sarmalayan… More

Before the Next World Cup

It was Amichai’s idea, those wishes.After Emanuel Petit scored the third goal and it was already clear that France would take the Cup, and there was a faint sense… More

Self-Portrait Abroad

Sitting with Professor H. in one corner of the covered café terrace opposite the main entrance to the Nara train station, we kept our eyes peeled for the three people… More

Heartbreak Tango

FIRST EPISODEThe shadows on the dance floor,this tango brings sad memories to mind,let us dance and think no morewhile my satin dress has a chanceto shine like a tear… More