A marvelously handsome young ethicist spoke enlighteningly with the populace, calling on it with ingenious eloquence to turn its back on schnapps once and for all. More

Quiet Chaos

I do spinning. Yolanda’s cellphone starts ringing in the nick of time: it forces her to walk a few steps away from me to answer it, and I can… More


That’s right. It’s true; I am a menace to society. I sit in the shadows and plan your ultimate doom. No, I don’t wear anything but black. I have… More


Randy had run out of cigarettes again, and it was killing him. Not a goddamn one of them was working anymore; and the mother had died in the spring… More

Elias Khoury: White Masks

PrologueThis is no tale. And it may not be of particular interest to readers, as people these days have more important things to do than read stories or listen… More

The Dead Republic

Model Ts prowling the country, men in trenchcoats moving in to kill me. But the Civil War was three decades gone, and it was just a Limerick taxi. I… More

On Elegance While Sleeping

December 4, 18 …At birth, I felt the desire to correct the human tendency to feel fragile and imperfect. I’ve therefore sanctified my life to this sole endeavor. Logic… More

My Beirut

I felt foreign to myself. Doubt, that blind mole, burrowed down my spine. I leaned back on the car, surveyed the neighborhood, felt the blood throb in the veins… More