That’s right. It’s true; I am a menace to society. I sit in the shadows and plan your ultimate doom. No, I don’t wear anything but black. I have dozens of piercings both visible and non-visible. Trust and be I am promiscuous beyond my years. School? What of it? I don’t see it as anything but a babysitting service. I am the next Columbine horror; the next anarchist to rise. I will poison your children’s minds and turn them to the dark side. Yes, you’re right, I have an alter of Marilyn Manson in my room. I worship pagan dogs and place my faith in Hell. Don’t get me started with Catholics. They’ll get their end soon. I’m the element of surprise that none of you are prepared for. The kid with a demonic glare and outrageous hair. I am the child of the devil, the future serial murderer. I am just a simple girl, combat boots and all.”