A Singular Woman

To describe Dunham as a white woman from Kansas is about as illuminating as describing her son as a politician who likes golf. Intentionally or not, the label obscures… More

Monster Brought to Its Knees

“The golf fan really has my respect,” Ben said. “They go out there and get sunburned or rained on, they push each other around, they stand until their backs… More

The Book of Daniel

I remember standing on the porch of our house on Weeks Avenue. It was a warm afternoon and I had scraped my knee on the sidewalk. My mother came… More

Bottom of the 33rd

And who is Wade? He is a man who swears that he wanted to be a major league baseball player ever since he was 18 months old; whose father… More

Free Verse

When I wake up, it’s thunder storming and I stay in the culvert, which is getting more and more filled with water. It’s like the day when Michael did… More

The Beautiful and the Damned

The arms dealer’s wife joined us soon after we sat down. She too was from the northeast, from a ramshackle border town in Assam where I had last been… More

Versos de amor y locura

Déjame que te cuente las palabras. / Somos los hijos de los rojos versos / que vuelan cuando está la noche encima. / Qué pálidos amantes, pues nos vemos… More

The Spanish Illness

Many had come from the four corners of the globe and had no way to prove the purity of their blood, or their past; in the best of … More