A Way of Saying

A Way of SayingIt was a way of sayingtime had stopped, thatlife had been put awaynice & neat inside aspecial place.“A sign of the times," They said.“For the best."It… More

A House of Bitter Men

This morning, 5:30 came on time. Sometimes it seemed to come too early or too late. But today, it was just as it should be.When his feet hit the… More

No Light Escapes

1“You’re thinking of stabbing a guy because you think he may be plotting to stab you,” Goodman said with a slightly mocking incredulity. “What if you’re wrong?”“What if I’m not?”… More

In a Nut’s Cell

The old man sat up on one of the upper bunks in his cell, gazing out through the barred window, deep in thought while taking in the awesome scenery… More

Shepherds of the Passaic

It is as though one, looking out from a dark cave in a side of an impending mountain, sees the world passing and speaks to it; speaks courteously and… More

A Shameful Killing

Charlie checked the Jiffy Mart from the phone booth. Old Leonard would be closing soon. He tried to imagine the look on the old man’s face when he saw… More

Unilaterally Punitive

The United States is unique in the world for its overzealous love affair with life without parole sentences (LWOP). It is one of the few western countries to have… More