A Way of Saying

A Way of SayingIt was a way of sayingtime had stopped, thatlife had been put awaynice & neat inside aspecial place.“A sign of the times," They said.“For the best."It… More

A Higher Morality

I. A Moral Revolution Martin Luther King, Jr., at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, and facing three centuries of hatred, racism, and oppression, had a powerful message for… More

Lepidoptera or Butterflies

Lepidopteraor ButterfliesThere is a blue chair in a room with 60 menIt bears the gravity of a black hole,an inward burning star, drawingall light, all matter toward it.Names flutter… More


Towers with Howitzers Walls that touch the sky Razor sharp fencing wired for sensing Doubt them and die Loudspeakers cameras that zoom Microphones in every room X-ray machines… More

Old Letter

On your plain white envelope a handwritten address hints at the personal inside. Long time companion through many transfers and years, you have been worked soft and your stamp… More

The First O.J. Book

I got the idea for an O.J. Simpson book long before all the others came out. The inspiration came in a flash at three in the morning as I… More

Learning to Swim

Gary Shively 103443 Powhatan Correctional Center, D7 State Farm, VA 23160 I am sinking. Just like a stone, I am sinking. Coils from the black icy depths pulling me under. My scream is… More

Six Basement

I was 12 months into my bit in reform school and had caught some kind of awful disease. I had sores all over, with puffy scabs on them. They… More

A Twisted Evening With Dr. Gonzo

My early literary influences naturally gravitated towards counterculture writing that started with Kerouac’s On the Road, Ginsberg’s epic poem of the Beat Generation, Howl, and experiencing the utter depths… More