Prison Eulogies

Prison EulogiesThe ones who diednever mattered muchexcept in herewhere the stories never endbecause they’re too realMichellewho beat her girluntil she got outand got her own selfkilledStellawho laughed & laugheduntil… More

The Double Edge

The Double EdgeThere is no shame in not surviving.Even as the blood is let outhonor and grace enter the vein.All heroes die for credibility.As for being a saint, Miguelo,it… More

Species of a Lesser God

Indelibly etched in the canyons of memory I can remember being herded onto the Grey Gooses as these prison transportation buses are commonly referred to throughout the California Penal… More

Check Out Day

There’s always a way out of prison, any prison, and it can be done right now, today. The authorities can’t stop you. Well, they can slow you down if… More

The Hole

The Hole isn’t merely a place inside of the prison, it’s an entire psychology used against you—a weaponized psychology—one that must have taken an incredible amount of malicious effort… More

Prison and Poetry

I cannot imagine anyone in their right mind saying they enjoy being incarcerated. Prison, especially state prison, is a horrible place. It is not so much being told what,… More

Prison Walls

The light don’t shine for every in Prison by these steel beds. My heart is rock solid as concrete. I cry steel tear on the cloud day nothing… More

The Glass House

Loud-ass motherfucker was sitting on the upper tier watching the game. It was on the Sports T.V. (the Black T.V.), which with the General Viewing (White) T.V. and the… More

A Particular Sense of Peace

A particular sense of peace sits softly and silently inside.A piece (Peace) of you.A part of me.The walls we build around ourselves keep us locked inside the Prisons we… More

The Cobra’s Cross

CHARACTERSBlackmanStangYabbaOritaLil ManKenyaOld WomanOld ManFADE INExt: African village of Snakira—afternoon Snakira’s lone dusty road is reminiscent of an old western town with an Asian twist. An old man leading a… More