I“Thank you,” Mary Brown said with a polite and sing-song cheerfulness, accepting the bill from the hand of old Mrs. Dowding. As her fingers touched in the price numbers,… More

Gulfisland Ferry Road

Little Joe hit Buster from behind with a three-foot section of galvanized steel, hit him so hard the single flat note of it echoed through the welding shop like… More

Prison and Poetry

I cannot imagine anyone in their right mind saying they enjoy being incarcerated. Prison, especially state prison, is a horrible place. It is not so much being told what,… More

Prison Walls

The light don’t shine for every in Prison by these steel beds. My heart is rock solid as concrete. I cry steel tear on the cloud day nothing… More

The Glass House

Loud-ass motherfucker was sitting on the upper tier watching the game. It was on the Sports T.V. (the Black T.V.), which with the General Viewing (White) T.V. and the… More

A Particular Sense of Peace

A particular sense of peace sits softly and silently inside.A piece (Peace) of you.A part of me.The walls we build around ourselves keep us locked inside the Prisons we… More

Dad’s Poem

In bed surrounded by humid darkness,Hand-carved hearts above and below.Your snoring echoes across the hall,Halls vapor clings to your breath.My tired belly full of hunted venison.My head full of… More

Fighting the Ninja

Prison showers can be scary places. I’m not talking about those old “B” movie scenes where the big hairy guy with a handmade blade shanks the hapless prisoner for… More

An Escape Artist

At eight, I was a magicianable to slip from any confinement.After my stepfather beat meand imprisoned me in my bedroom,I decided to disappear,sneaking into the passagewaybetween the left brain… More