Hector Gallegos

“The restless dismal chimes of shackles and chains broke me away from the melancholy spell I had fallen under, and there followed the sudden realization that the world of oceans, mountains and landscapes would all soon be but a memory of another lifetime. Looking around me I found not to be alone in this realization, for the other prisoners there seemed to be entertaining similar thoughts, but no one dare speak of them.”

My name is Hector Salvador Gallegos 5’9″, 175 lbs., a rebel who has had far too many causes on his plate. Having foolishly squandered the most precious years of my life behind prison walls I have finally found my calling in WRITING; so that others may learn from my poignant experiences. When not writing I enjoy reading books along the lines of Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. I also enjoy listening to oldies and soft rock music. My wish is to one day visit the Seven Wonders of the World and, like all aspiring writers, to one day write the all-American novel.

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