The Ida Pingala

I told you, in the decades to come, we’d hold our hands open to feel the moist sweat of the turn-coat landscape as it spoils the way we hear… More

Nocturne Trio

I'm an oilcloth stuffed / in the back pocket of jeans / you don't wear / Brass buttons on a work-shirt. Over / exaggeration, under simplification. More


Dear lovely legs dear love my legs in this better pond we are coming together my fingers in our genitals in a swamp we’re coming together your hands with… More


I drive half-way across the bridge, / kill my engine and wait. / You told me ghosts will push / my car to the other end. More


I was so crazy tired that I said the word ‘slumberland’ under my breath & it took on the charge of invective while it also made a hoop which… More

from sourcings

what echoes across waters : / taotaomo’na— / from ‘taotao’ [‘people’] ginen ‘mo’na’ [‘precede’]— / ‘people of before’ ‘before time ancestors’ ‘ancient people’ ‘people before / recorded time’ etc More

Goat in the Snow

After passing the farm with the goat / it was important to slow down. / Hello goat. Hello officer. So easy to lose track / when going downhill.… More