José Viñuela

An author and journalist, Viñuela received death threats from an unknown telephone number on September 8, 2022. Viñuela has written about the 2023 Argentine presidential election, and is also… More

Hopewell Chin’ono

Chin’ono was detained in July 2020 for almost six weeks after he published his investigations into state corruption. He has since been repeatedly detained on additional spurious charges, including… More

Ender Imrek

A columnist and political party founder and leader, Imrek has been legally harassed and imprisoned multiple times throughout the years. He went on trial in October 2022 for insulting… More

Amina Mansour

An online commentator and prominent figure in Tunisia’s 2011 revolution, Amina Mansour is facing trial for a Facebook post criticizing the country’s Prime Minister. Mansour was sentenced to six… More

Nattapol Chaiching

Nattapol, a historian, is facing a civil defamation suit for his writings on the Thai monarchy. The plaintiff, a royal descendant, is seeking 50 million baht in damages based… More

Leong Sze Hian

A columnist and activist, Hian was ordered by the court to pay S$133k (US$98K) in damages for sharing a link on his Facebook page to an article alleging that… More

Sandra Rodríguez Cotto

A columnist, literary writer, and online commentator, Cotto has been facing continued harassment since 2018. She is accused of playing a role in the 2019 protests. in June 2022,… More

Mohammed El-Kurd

El-Kurd is an award-winning poet, journalist, and social media activist from East Jerusalem. Currently the Palestine correspondent for The Nation, El-Kurd’s debut poetry collection Rifqa focuses on the Palestinian… More

Anwar Al-Rasheed

Prominent Kuwaiti activist Al-Rasheed ofen uses his Twitter account to write opinion commentary on the country's public matters. He was physically restrained from speaking publically and threatened with violence.… More

Fahmi Reza

Reza is a political activist and cartoonist who draws political cartoons and graphic art, which he posts on social media. He has been charged multiple times in the past… More