Mohammed Sabaaneh

Sabaaneh, a Palestinian cartoonist, has been repeatedly harassed by both Palestinian (PA) and Israeli authorities. He has been detained multiple times by Israeli border forces at Allenby Bridge without… More

Chutima Sidasathina

Sidasathina is a columnist and journalist reporting on corruption and human trafficking in Thailand. She was tried and acquitted in 2015 for her reporting on the latter. In 2021,… More

Hiba Abu Taha

Abu Taha is a Jordanian-Palestinian freelance investigative journalist and online commentator. In June 2023, the Amman Criminal Court issued her with a three-month prison sentence for defaming an official… More

Enrique Márquez Jaramillo

Márquez Jaramillo is an award-winning historian, political scientist, and former politician who has published more than 30 books. In August 2022, he received two death threats for his criticism… More

Andrej Nikolaidis

Nikolaidis is a writer and columnist. Following the publication of a politically charged column in August 2022, he received harassment from the government, with the Prime Minister personally condemning… More

Maidul Islam

Sociology professor Islam was arrested in September 2018 for online comments about Bangladesh’s Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina. He was suspended from his university position. In August 2023, he received… More

Nima Saffar

Saffar is a poet and writer who has a long history of arrests due to activism dating back to 2012. In February 2020, he was released early from an… More

Arouna Louré

Louré, an anesthesiologist, is an outspoken critic of the Burkinabé government. In 2018, he published an essay Burkindi for a new revolution on the increase in political activism, and… More

Rowena He

He is the author of Tiananmen Exiles: Voices of the Struggle for Democracy in China. She also worked as a professor at several universities including Hong Kong University and… More

Sheng Xue Zang Xihong

Sheng is a Chinese-Canadian author, a PEN Canada member, and a prominent human rights activist. She wrote three books in 2001 and 2008, all of which were banned in… More